MIA Logistics

MIA Logistics is a modular Warehouse Management System (WMS), applicable across sectors, that provides maximum transparency and can utilise a variety of system components such as portable computer systems, forklift guidance systems and fully automatic transport systems.

MIA Logistics is multilingual and maps both standardised and customer-specific processes. The so-called Logistics Cockpit acts as a central control station and maps master data, inventory and all goods flows in real time.

MIA Connector forms the interface between the WMS and any ERP system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV, Movex, proALPHA, etc.). The interface is displayed and monitored in the Logistics Cockpit.

The main features are:

  • Modular WMS applicable across sectors
  • Use of portable computer systems (data glasses, mobile terminals or devices, etc.) and forklift control systems
  • The potential to connect fully automatic transport systems (shuttles, driverless transport systems, conveyor systems, etc.)
  • Interfaces to different ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV, Movex, proALPHA, etc.
  • Standardised and customer-specific processes
  • User-friendly user interfaces
  • Key figures in real time and from historical data
  • Visual and graphical presentation of data and key figures