MIA Logistics is a modular Warehouse Management System (WMS). The BASIC version essentially contains the interface to the higher-level ERP system and the Material Flow Controller (MFC). With the STANDARD version, we are talking about a full-featured WMS. There are optional add-ons, which can be used in both versions.

MIA Logistics

MIA Logistics is a modular Warehouse Management System (WMS), applicable across sectors, that provides maximum transparency and can utilise a variety of system components such as portable computer systems, forklift guidance systems and fully automatic transport systems.

MIA Transport

MIA Transport is the Material Flow Controller (MFC) of the WMS. The MFC takes over the central control of the automatic transport system. The material flow and plant status are displayed visually to the user. These provide the basis for monitoring and optimising the system.

MIA Connector

The MIA Connector forms the interface between the parent ERP system and the WMS. It also allows connection to a wide range of ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV, Movex, proAlpha, etc. The interface is displayed and monitored in the Logistics Cockpit.

MIA I-Point Touch

A touch PC is located at each station of the transport system. Where required, the station can be equipped with an additional manual and / or permanently mounted bar code scanner or RFID reader. This touch PC is used for communication with the WMS and subsequently with the transport system.

MIA Analytics

Data from the productive system is moved to the MIA Analytics archive for real-time evaluation. The data for evaluation is then processed accordingly and stored in separate data structures. These then serve to provide each graphic evaluation. As a result, access and loading times are reduced to a minimum.

MIA & ProGlove

“Mark” is the name of a smart glove which makes work faster, safer and more ergonomic. The glove, with integrated sensors and a scanner, adapts perfectly to the worker’s natural hand movement and therefore allows hands-free picking.

A conventional scanner becomes unnecessary as this glove makes it now possible to work with both hands at the same time. A further clever feature of this high-tech glove is the audible, haptic and visual user feedback. Summing it up, the economic benefits of ProGlove are quite obvious: it is small, lightweight and fast.