Interactive dashboard with live view

MIA Monitor is an interactive dashboard that enables a live view of your logistics system and a graphic display of the critical key data. The common, interactive analysis provides all participants with the information they need in real time. This gives you even greater flexibility in running your day-to-day logistics operations. Benefiting from short access times, the MIA monitor also gives the advantage of freeing up the production system.

Overview of current warehouse events

The transport flow analysis is facilitated by the Sankey diagram. By defining the analysis period, an immediate display is available of the goods movements between the individual storage areas carried out during this period. The width of the paths between the individual areas varies to indicate the number of transports. In addition, the specified and the actual number of transports is displayed, along with the corresponding percentage. The LIVE mode on the MIA Monitor lets you participate in current warehouse events. Data over a specified time period can be called up using the time input field.

Relevant key figures

Monitoring key figures in real time often presents major challenges. However, now you can easily achieve this with MIA Monitor and receive all the key data at a glance. In addition to the analysis of transport flow, MIA Monitor gives a graphic display of other key figures relevant for for succesful operation. For example, you are able to monitor picking performance over the last 14 days. Further key figures, currently available, are storage ratio and delivery rate. MIA Monitor is under continuous development. And we are continuously expanding the number of available key figures in order to give you the best possible insights into your logistics system.

Fact Box

  • Optimised for touch screens
  • Interactive, web-based application
  • Gives short access times and frees up the production system
  • Relevant key figures such as picking performance and storage ratiol can be viewed at a glance
  • Clear and contemporary assistance for system analysis