KOMAX AG minimises picking errors using the Pick-by-Light solution

Our customer, the Komax Group is a global company with its headquarters in Switzerland. Komax is the market leader in the field of automated wire processing and provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions, especially in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial.

For its new company building, Komax decided on the concept of the “vertical factory”, for which an efficient intralogistics system is a prerequisite. Alongside assembly workstations, the 6-storey building also provides office space for the R&D department. The fully automated storage and retrival system (ARSR) in the basement feeds the various floors above with the necessary materials through picking stations using autonomous transport robots supplied by our partner Servus Intralogistics.

MIA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) was used at Komax, and we decided on the Pick-by-Light solution for the individual workstations. With the aid of flexible subdivision of compartments in the individual loading devices, along with the associated visualisation of compartments directly on the MIA I-Point Touch screen, picking errors have been reduced to an absolute minimum, which consequently has led to a significant improvement in delivery accuracy and quality. At the same time, the subdivision of compartments has allowed stock to be condensed, therefore creating more space in the warehouse.

Optimal handling on the I-Point Touch screen has been achieved with the addition of hands-free scanners from ProGlove, a Pick-by-Light system, fully integrated weighing scales and height measurement for maximum height. The MIA I-Point Touch screen provides clear and detailed information and guides employees through the logistics processes. The hands-free scanner allows 100% control of scanning without having to touch the scanner. Pick-by-Light reduces the search times in the bins and the weighing scales check the maximum weight per loading device.

The net result is short teach-in times, high productivity, low picking errors and excellent acceptance amongst employees.

Fact box

  • Number of employees on the SERVUS system: around 20
  • System performance: up to 889 storage / retrieval operations per hour
  • Number of storage positions: 20.160
  • Over 7 floors:
    • Basement: ARSR
    • Ground floor: Incoming goods, order picking, outgoing goods, connection to small part warehouse
    • Upper floor: 5 upper floors with Servus stations
  • 28 m lift
  • 57 robot Arcs
  • 2.626 m drive track without ASRS

PICK-BY-LIGHT: Illuminated order picking

Pick-by-Light is the ideal addition to the MIA I-Point Touch for manual order picking. Different items are stored in the bin with a flexibledivision of compartments. The loading device is delivered from the AKL to the workstation by the automatic transport system (goods-to-person). Using Pick-by-Light, a point of light ensures that the employee stores or removes the correct goods from the correct storage compartment. High storage density, increased efficiency, no picking errors.

Absolute certainty and precision

Pick-by-Light facilitates the identification of storage or removal positions with absolute certainty. It consists of a stationary high-power LED light source that uses a controllable mirror to create a light spot in the storage or removal compartment.

An effective aid for many intralogistics processes:

  • Incoming goods
  • Order picking
  • Consolidation / comaction
  • Stock control
  • Inventory control

Touch screen, scanner, light point & scale

Goods handling is optimally supported through a combination of the I-Point Touch, Proglove hands-free scanners, Pick-by-Light and an integrated
weighing mechanism. The touch screen provides clear and detailed information about the current process step. The hands-free scanner provides 100% scanning control without additionally reaching for the scanner. Pick-by-Light reduces the search times in the storage bin and ensures the correct item is picked. he weighing mechanism checks the plausibility of the withdrawn quantity.
This results in short training periods, with high productivity and quality for logistics as well as gaining excellent acceptance by your employees.

Compartment visualisation in a nutshell


  • Storage of different items in a bin against single item and batch number
  • High storage density and optimal space allocation in the storage bin due to flexible division of compartments – 2, 4, 8 divisions in transverse or longitudinal direction
  • The storage bin is simply subdivided by a slot-in device for division of the compartments
  • Bins can be used flexibly for large and small items, depending on prevailing needs


  • Step-by-step navigation through the process on the touch screen
  • Detailed information with picture of item and work instructions
  • Graphical visualisation of compartment division on the I-Point Touch
  • Light point display of the current source and destination compartment
  • Check on the quantity removed by the integrated weighing device

MIA & ProGlove

“Mark” is the name of a smart glove which makes work faster, safer and more ergonomic. The glove, with integrated sensors and a scanner, adapts perfectly to the worker’s natural hand movement and therefore allows hands-free picking.
A conventional scanner becomes unnecessary as this glove makes it now possible to work with both hands at the same time. A further clever feature of this high-tech glove is the audible, haptic and visual user feedback. Summing it up, the economic benefits of ProGlove are quite obvious: it is small, lightweight and fast.
Today’s industrial work processes are so optimized that it is often just a matter of a few saved seconds to increase one’s own competitiveness. Therefore, MIA offers its customers an efficient and innovative solution and relies on the latest technologies.
ProGlove equipped their gloves with a wearable scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes. Manufacturing and logistics staff do not have to restructure their existing processes. They can easily adapt the practical scanner to their systems. Convenient installation is an additional benefit of ProGlove. The supplied Access Point connects to the I-Point Touch via USB. After a short pairing between glove and Access Point, the user can immediately start scanning. The surface of the glove has touch-screen compatibility on each finger, ensuring that it works perfectly with the I-Point Touch.

Software MIA Mobile

MIA Mobile: The aid to making your warehouse quicker and more efficient

MIA Mobile is the ideal extension to MIA’s fully automatic picking systems. The primary focus has been improved productivity, along with ease of use and stylish design. MIA Mobile is modular, for use with all processes and across industries, and can be customised to match your needs.

Our software is already in daily use with 15 satisfied customers and over 300 devices.  The latest version of MIA Mobile is Android based. It is completely independent of any supplier and works with all popular ERP systems.

MIA Mobile delivers distinct advantages for your business:

  • Goods inwards, order picking, production supply, inventory, stocktaking and shipments are all available as standard
  • All information can be retrieved digitally – the paperless enterprise
  • Highly adaptable to map your specific company processes
  • Hands free, with wearable devices and ring scanners
  • 100% control by scanning
  • Shortest distances through optimised routing in your warehouse
  • Continuous control of order priorities and delivery times
  • Efficient, fast and error-free

Custom solutions from customers can be seamlessly integrated and a clear navigation structure helps to keep track of tasks that are still open. MIA Mobile speeds up and optimises all operational processes in your company. The ease of use and clear design will give distinct advantages to your employees.