Austrian Logistics Prize 2020 – KRAL GmbH

For 2020, the Austrian Logistics Prize has been awarded to our customer KRAL GmbH! MIA Systems was a key element in this successful regional project with its Warehouse Management System (WMS). The critical factor in this project, focused on the “Digitisation and Automation in Production and Logistics”, was the reduction in production throughput times in order to improve the speed of reaction to market demand.  

Through the WMS and associated process improvements at Wolford AG in 2009, MIA Systems has previously been awarded the logistics prize in the category: “Best improvement in financial results through a logistics tool”. The key improvements were: a reduction in the packaging process error rate to 0% through 100% monitoring, an increase of approx. 65% in picking performance using the same level of resources, and doubling of packaging performance using half of the previous level of resources.