Hämmerle Kaffee depends on logistics software from MIA Systems

“Authentic enjoyment, best quality and first-class service” – the Hämmerle Kaffee GmbH company, based in Bludesch, Austria, is investing in the expansion and digitisation of its logistics centre. For the warehouse management function, this long-established company depends on the Warehouse Management System (WMS) from MIA Systems.

Hämmerle Kaffee GmbH is a wholesaler and manufacturer of instant hot drinks, and a service provider and specialist in coffee systems for the business and catering sector. In the course of planning the expansion of the company in 2021/2022, we were able to present a convincing and winning case for the control of the new logistics centre, due to our many years of process know-how, particularly in food logistics. As a result, we are now very pleased to count yet another long-established Vorarlberg company as one of our customers. 

Intralogistics: A sector with extensive scope for improvement

In future, the new logistics centre of the Hämmerle Kaffee company will offer space for 1,500 pallets and additional production areas. The production and warehouse areas are directly connected, saving time and making internal processes significantly more efficient.

An initial stage of expansion is intended to cover management of pallets and shelf storage. Connection to the fully automated high-bay warehouse from LTW has already been planned for the second stage of expansion.

The facility makes use of the current MIA product range:

  • MIA Mobile – Android App for mobile scanners and printers
  • MIA Cockpit – web application as the key control unit for the control room
  • MIA Monitor – visualisation of key data on large screen monitors

The ease of use and intuitive design of MIA Mobile facilitates greater operator effectiveness. The customised software maps all logistics processes using mobile devices. The user/operator has access to order and item information and is guided through the warehouse by sophisticated route optimisation.

MIA Monitor enables large screen visualisation of supply availability from the production and dispatch areas, directly at the point of work. This greatly assists operators in their daily tasks and gives them a quick overview in real time.

Rethinking logistics processes

Our large portfolio of standard processes facilitates speedy and effective introduction of logistics systems. The flexibility and adaptability of the software play an important role in real process improvement and optimisation. The availability of convenient standard interfaces enables cost-effective connection to ERP. The integration of automated storage systems (fully automated high-bay warehouse and shuttles) is also available as standard.

Hämmerle Kaffee fact box

  • Number of employees: 80
  • Users and employees in logistics: 15
  • Building extension: 3,300 m²
  • Location: Bludesch (Austria)

Warehouse layout

  • 5 storage areas over 3 floors
  • 1,500 pallet locations and shelving racks
  • 4 truck ramps
  • Fully automated high-bay warehouse

MIA Systems fact box

  • Company formation: 2007
  • Locations: Vorarlberg & Vienna
  • Employees: approx. 30
  • Customers: Germany, Austria, Switzerland & international
  • Products:
    • MIA Logistics (Warehouse Management System)
    • MIA Mobile (mobile scanner system)
    • MIA Touch (forklift control system, milk run, etc.)
    • MIA Transport (material flow computer for fully automated transport systems)
    • MIA Monitor (key data visualisation on large screen monitors)

Source photos: Hämmerle Kaffee

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