CIP days at Hirschmann Automotive in the Czech Republic

In collaboration with Servus Intralogistics, MIA Systems has been closely involved in the digitisation and automation at their customer Hirschmann Automotive in Vsetín, Czech Republic. One year after going live, the entire project team came together on site last week for a CIP meeting.

In extending its centre of excellence for injection moulding technology in Vsetín (Czech Republic), Hirschmann Automotive drew on the concept of smart production. The MIA Warehouse Management System (WMS) has therefore been connected to the ERP system (SAP) and manages all the logistics processes related to production and dispatch. In addition, the WMS is responsible for management of storage positions in the ASPW, placing in storage, delivery to assembly and consolidation for dispatch.

At the centre of operations are some 60 interconnected injection moulding systems, which are fully automated. The automation has been ideally adapted, so that both delivery of empty containers and collection of filled containers or boxes also occurs fully automatically.

One year after going live, the entire project team of all those involved came together on site last week for a CIP meeting, in order to gather user feedback. The aim was to check for aspects across the board that needed fine-tuning. During these few days, we were able to find some parameters and settings to tweak and carried out adjustments directly on site.

In this example, it can be clearly seen how our projects do not just end on going live. The continuous improvement process ensures that existing processes are constantly monitored and checked. As a result, the customer has a logistics system that is future-proof, and is continuously improved to grow with internal and external market requirements.

Source photos: Hirschmann Automotive

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