Photo Documentation: Record the condition of goods with the mobile scanner

Using an integrated camera in the mobile scanner, MIA Mobile allows you to easily photograph and document the condition of your goods and shipments – directly as part of your mobile procedures.  This image material can be accessed in the MIA Cockpit where you also have the option of downloading it for further processing. Simple, clear and fully integrated into the warehouse processes.

Do you need to document that a cargo is properly secured before transport or record the condition of goods received at the time of delivery? Then MIA Mobile will assist you with its convenient photo feature.

The camera is integrated directly into the scanner, so there is no need to switch between devices or applications. The feature is fully flexible and opens up a wide range of options for use throughout the entire warehouse processing chain:

  • Capture defects of incoming goods directly and record them as a reference for goods received
  • Record the condition of goods and the contents of loading devices at any time during storage
  • Record the contents in the open shipping package during order picking
  • Document goods are safely secured for transport before loading
  • Log the condition and contents of the shipment directly before loading on a truck

Using this application within the mobile process is very simple: Just like the camera on a mobile phone, first frame the image in the viewfinder. If everything looks fine, then capture the image along with the required reference. If the picture is not perfect, then simply repeat these steps until you are satisfied.

Reference photo record overview

After the data has been collected, it is stored directly in the MIA Warehouse Management System via the server. The MIA Cockpit then lets you retrieve photo documentation as required. The simple structure for saved references allows you to quickly call up the required output. Here you can access an overview of all the reference photos, view them individually in detail and download them directly if required.

The simplified and practical procedure ensures comprehensive documentation from goods received to order picking and dispatch. This photo feature gives your organisation enhanced protection and improved options to verify that cargo has been secured properly and that other requirements have been complied with.

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