PICK-BY-LIGHT: Illuminated order picking

Pick-by-Light is the ideal addition to the MIA I-Point Touch for manual order picking. Different items are stored in the bin with a flexibledivision of compartments. The loading device is delivered from the AKL to the workstation by the automatic transport system (goods-to-person). Using Pick-by-Light, a point of light ensures that the employee stores or removes the correct goods from the correct storage compartment. High storage density, increased efficiency, no picking errors.

Absolute certainty and precision

Pick-by-Light facilitates the identification of storage or removal positions with absolute certainty. It consists of a stationary high-power LED light source that uses a controllable mirror to create a light spot in the storage or removal compartment.

An effective aid for many intralogistics processes:

  • Incoming goods
  • Order picking
  • Consolidation / comaction
  • Stock control
  • Inventory control

Touch screen, scanner, light point & scale

Goods handling is optimally supported through a combination of the I-Point Touch, Proglove hands-free scanners, Pick-by-Light and an integrated
weighing mechanism. The touch screen provides clear and detailed information about the current process step. The hands-free scanner provides 100% scanning control without additionally reaching for the scanner. Pick-by-Light reduces the search times in the storage bin and ensures the correct item is picked. he weighing mechanism checks the plausibility of the withdrawn quantity.
This results in short training periods, with high productivity and quality for logistics as well as gaining excellent acceptance by your employees.

Compartment visualisation in a nutshell


  • Storage of different items in a bin against single item and batch number
  • High storage density and optimal space allocation in the storage bin due to flexible division of compartments – 2, 4, 8 divisions in transverse or longitudinal direction
  • The storage bin is simply subdivided by a slot-in device for division of the compartments
  • Bins can be used flexibly for large and small items, depending on prevailing needs


  • Step-by-step navigation through the process on the touch screen
  • Detailed information with picture of item and work instructions
  • Graphical visualisation of compartment division on the I-Point Touch
  • Light point display of the current source and destination compartment
  • Check on the quantity removed by the integrated weighing device

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