MIA Mobile: The aid to making your warehouse quicker and more efficient

MIA Mobile is the ideal extension to MIA’s fully automatic picking systems. The primary focus has been improved productivity, along with ease of use and stylish design. MIA Mobile is modular, for use with all processes and across industries, and can be customised to match your needs.

Our software is already in daily use with 15 satisfied customers and over 300 devices.  The latest version of MIA Mobile is Android based. It is completely independent of any supplier and works with all popular ERP systems.

MIA Mobile delivers distinct advantages for your business:

  • Goods inwards, order picking, production supply, inventory, stocktaking and shipments are all available as standard
  • All information can be retrieved digitally – the paperless enterprise
  • Highly adaptable to map your specific company processes
  • Hands free, with wearable devices and ring scanners
  • 100% control by scanning
  • Shortest distances through optimised routing in your warehouse
  • Continuous control of order priorities and delivery times
  • Efficient, fast and error-free

Custom solutions from customers can be seamlessly integrated and a clear navigation structure helps to keep track of tasks that are still open. MIA Mobile speeds up and optimises all operational processes in your company. The ease of use and clear design will give distinct advantages to your employees.

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