MIA constructs company site in Hohenems

Thanks to the positive growth in business, the company has grown, with a continuous upward trend, from nine employees in 2007 to 24 today. At the current site in Mäder, however, there is no more room for expansion. MIA is therefore investing €1.5 million in constructing a new company site in Hohenems.

We have come of age

We can look back on 10 successful years in which we further developed our services and products related to intralogistics. We have streamlined our portfolio and have come of age. We have also changed. The new company logo is intended to emphasise our roots in Mobility, Integration and Automation.

Our Ridge Celebration

On 31.10.2017 MIA invited family members, employees, planners and all the site tradesmen to the official ridge celebration. The joint celebration marked the first stage of building the new site. After a visit to the site, we rounded off a pleasant evening with food and drink.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank again our planners and all the tradesmen who have done such a great job.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik (high frequency technology) is a family-owned company and a leading manufacturer of high-frequency and fibre optic connectivity solutions, with approximately 7,500 employees worldwide. Its customers include well-known companies from the mobile communications and telecommunications, data technology, medical electronics, industrial metrology, automotive electronics and electromobility sectors.

Positioning by Differentiation

In September 2017, a panel discussion on “Positioning through differentiation” took place as part of the Logistik-Forum Bodensee (Lake Constance Logistics Forum). Leading business experts discussed this topic and the future of logistics. Managing Director Alexander Fehr was invited to speak as an IT expert.


“Creating the relevant difference for our customers requires flexible and scalable systems. On-line trading shows us how important automation will be for us in the years to come. Customers require same-day delivery. What I order today, I would like delivered today. This is an enormous challenge for logistics and IT systems. This cannot be realised through standard solutions, as the requirements of the customers are completely different. Flexible and tailor-made systems are required that are perfectly matched to each other. Logistics processes need to be automated to reduce wastage and throughput time. For this, digitalisation is the prerequisite for automation,” noted Alexander Fehr.

Source: VNL Logistik-Forum Bodensee

Servus and MIA strengthen partnership

The intralogistics specialist, Servus, has been working together with the system provider MIA for more than 10 years. To further strengthen the partnership, the Heron Group took a 25.1% stake in MIA in December 2016.

This means a win-win situation both for the customers and the two companies. Our customers can be certain of receiving a tailor-made intralogistics system perfectly matched to their individual needs from Servus and MIA. In addition, our customers are guaranteed comprehensive customer service: From initial analysis, and implementation and procurement of the necessary hardware, right through to customer-specific and individual service agreements.


Future Challenges for Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system can essentially be described as a system for managing warehouse storage locations and stock. In more common terminology, the Warehouse Management System, or WMS, refers to the control, supervision and optimisation of the complex flows of goods of intralogistics. In addition to basic functions, such as storage bin and quantity management and the control of the flow of goods, the scope of services also covers comprehensive methods for controlling the system or plant status as well as a selection of optimisation strategies.